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Tim Overman

Tim Overman is a fairway guru that offers the complete solution to your golf game. A graduate of the prestigious Golf Academy of the South, Tim holds a degree in Advanced Teaching and Biomechanics. As a Tour Fitting Professional for Mizuno Golf, he travelled on the Mizuno tour van where he mastered the art and science of custom club fitting. Tim is also a SPi Certified Instructor for Seemore Putters which certifies him teach the Seemore system and teachings of Pat O’Brien, a learning system that has trained multiple major championship winners. He is also the Director of Fitting and Instruction at Chicago Style Golf. Chicago's lands premiere golf shop.

Tim has combined his background in biomechanics and kinesthetic learning to create the unique, efficient and effective teaching style that has become the solid foundation of fundamentals taught at Golf in Motion. The goal to this science-based teaching style is to blend a solid understanding of the human body’s natural range of motion and proper technique by activating specific muscles during different stages of your swing. This creates a learning style where your body, itself, learns from carrying out the physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture, watching a demonstration, or where the ball goes.

All levels of players from beginners, juniors to advanced level players can benefit from our method of teaching. Our approach to biomechanics and kinesthetic learning will break your bad habits, help you improve all aspects of your game, and create a safe and efficient way to play without over-complicating your golf swing.

Golf in Motion is open year-round. All indoor golf lessons are typically held one-on-one at one of our downtown, indoor golf studios. Each initial appointment in our studio includes a video swing analysis, which allows you to watch replays of your swing mechanics in real time and receive immediate feedback on ball flight statistics. In addition to the video swing analysis, our students will have access to video web lessons, which allows you to review your in-studio lessons from home so you can practice at your leisure in between lessons. We also include on course lessons in our packages. Lessons can be purchased individually or as a package. Contact us for more information on our reduced-rate packages.

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At Golf in Motion our mission is to build golfers the right way. Using the latest research, our team of coaches will teach and guide you through various stages of athletic development and skill acquisition required for future success in golf.

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    Adult Academy

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Golf in Motion is a premier coaching program located in Chicago offering technical instruction, golf fitness, mental training, club fitting, and education to aspiring juniors and serious adult golfers. Please click on the links or logos to get more information and to begin the journey to better golf.