Adult & Performance Academy

We realize how important golf is to you, whether you play professionally, for bragging rights with your buddies, or just to spend time enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. We’re home to ranked juniors, college athletes, professional golfers, and for serious adults who are interested in progressing their game and competing at the highest levels.

We also know that everyone struggles to get better. The golf swing’s not rocket science, but sometimes it can feel that way.

Our philosophy is really quite simple: Provide thorough, yet easy-to-understand golf instruction based on facts rather than fads, gimmicks, opinions or guesswork.

All of our facts tend to center on these three areas:

  • Golf Swing Physics: Understanding club plane, swing path, and sequencing is obviously a must.
  • The Body: Your body was designed to move in certain ways to be powerful and efficient or risk injury.
  • The Brain: After learning how to move your body properly, your brain has to ingrain it.

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